Never over til’ it’s over


Sir Winston Churchill, the famed war-time British Prime Minister, gave a lecture to University students one time. Famed for his dramatic, motivating speeches, all assumed they should expect a lengthy oratory from one of the greats on the world stage at that time in history.

To the surprise of everyone present he encouraged the students by saying simply this:

Never, never, ever give up!

In our own lives, we encounter what seems like intractable situations. We try to get out of life’s bogs, yet only seem to embed ourselves deeper into whatever problem we are trying to deal with.

Sir Winston’s famous quote reminds us to keep at it. Persist until we win the day. Had the British, under the steely command of Sir Winston, given up or negotiated a ceasefire with Hitler, the world would be much the worse for it.

Instead, they never gave up. Along with the rest of the Allies, they carried the day, and because of that we have, in the West, enjoyed an enduring freedom.